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Bic Raven Representitves

BR Reps is the Western United States Manufacturer Representative of Split! products. Our focus is totally on Split! products and working with our distribution with these products. With over thirty years’ experience in distribution ownership and management/sales management, we are very connected to the issues distributors run into.



What we can offer our distributors:

  • A product line that is a differentiator in your market place.

  • Knowledge where these products fit with your customer base.

  • Help with demonstrating and placing these products.

  • Setup classroom training and customer seminars for Split!.

  • Market new customers and potential customer you did not have the right cleaning solution for in the past.

  • Training distributor sales reps how to use and sell Split! products!

  • How to use the training tools available to extend the value of Split! to your customers.

Our industry has become more media and technical driven in recent years. The need for sales people in our industry to have training tools and technical information addressing customer needs has never been higher. The end users for distributors have greater needs and expectations from their DSR’s and vendors, so we hope to help our distributors fill this need.

BR reps is an arm of Bic Raven Productions LLC which produces technical video work and training pieces for industry along with film work. Having this association will help create the technical needs for the distributors and their customers.

The site you are viewing is new and just being built. Over this year you will see more additions including videos for training and other additions driven by our distributors and their customers.

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